Self Love & Self Care

Wife, Mommy, Customer Care Manager…. These were 3 of the hats I wore just a few months ago.  Currently I am on maternity leave so I can drop the CCM hat for now, however I am still a wife and mommy 24/7.  Being a mom is HARD, don’t get me wrong I feel like I have my family routines down pack but it’s not as easy as I make it look.  Just last month I sat down and realized that I have not been to the dentist in….wait for it…… judge me NOT a YEAR! Like seriously a year!  As moms we are constantly making sure that our family has everything, dental appointments for the kids, swim lessons, girl scouts, soccer, annual exams etc.  How on earth did I go an entire year without seeing my dentist?  Luckily I just went last week and all is well! No cavities, no plaque, no problems.

It’s so important to take time to care for yourself especially when you’re a wife, mom or both!  We tend to put our needs on the back burner to provide and care for our family.  So this year I am making it a point to take time out each month for my personal self care!  If I’m not at my best, how can I fully provide and care for my family?  I’ve compiled a list of ideas for the perfect Mommy’s Day Out:

  • Sleep in an extra hour or 2 without regrets
  • Binge on your favorite Nextflix series
  •  Get a facial
  • Treat yourself to a Mani/ Pedi
  • Pack a lunch and have an outing at the park with a good book
  • Take yourself to the movies or call your Momtourage to join you
  • Take a craft class and learn something new
  • Sit on the back porch and color in a coloring book
  • Pull out your journal and write
  • Take a yoga class
  • Try out a new tea or coffee shop
  • Find a nearby walking trail and enjoy nature

These are just a few ideas that I will incorporate into my monthly self care routine, what’s on your list? Until next time…



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