Meal prep made easy!

Monday I had the pleasure of receiving my very first meal subscription box.  My best friend Alex somehow was able to send me a code for a FREE box, so I signed up quickly to get things rolling because as most of you know  I HATE cooking!

Signing up was a breeze, I have a pork and red meat free home and soon I will be converting back to vegetarian life.  I selected my restrictions and picked out the most appealing meals.  We went with Fish tacos, Soy Chicken and Potato topped pot pie, everything was delicious!  Not only was it easy, but I have the recipes to use in the future.

Since I’m not a food blogger or professional photographer the food pictures below are from the Hello Fresh website.  The portions were the perfect size for myself and the kiddos, now if my husband was back in the states we would totally have to increase our plan to the family size.

Overall I think this product is beneficial for families or people on the go, it’s easy and extremely convenient.  If you’re interested in getting $40 off click here  and you’re looking at 3 meals for $19.94, that’s worth a try.  Let me know if you do sign up and how much you enjoy your meals.  Until next time…..



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