Military Wife Life

Wednesday, Maveric’s preschool had “Donuts for Dads” day.  With JoColby currently deployed, I thought this would be the perfect time to FaceTime him.  So Jagger and I ventured to the preschool so that Maveric would not feel left out.  Luckily  I was not alone, there was a mommy table with other moms filling in for dads that were unable to attend for whatever reason.

I had a few conversations with the moms and then it hit me…. My husband will not be here for the birth of our child, in fact he will miss most of Axel’s first year of life.  I can deal with missing some milestones but knowing he will come home and meet his youngest son for the very first time really made me feel bummed out.  So far the kids have been keeping me busy so the deployment is some what flying by.  I am so thankful for technology and WIFI!!!! Since my husband is seven hours ahead of us we are able to FaceTime with the kiddos around 7 am and 3pm so it feels like he’s not really gone.

When you’re married to a soldier and they are deployed it’s a lot harder for the families that are left behind than it is so much for the soldier.  I always laugh when my husband says ” I have to turn it on, like a switch! But when you think about they really do.

FullSizeRender (12)

The best advice that I can give a military family is to have a STRONG support system.  It takes a village it truly does, and my little #HWTH village totally rocks! Until next time…



2 thoughts on “Military Wife Life

  1. I definitely agree that having a STRONG support system is KEY! The relationships I’ve created over the last fifteen years with other AWESOME military spouses and their family has truly been a blessing and we will always be family no matter where our next duty station or retirement home (Ha!) lead us too.


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