Girls Run The World

AG or American Girl Dolls as we all know are the “it” dolls for girls both young and old. Many of you know that our tradition for the past couple of years is to get Elle an American Girl doll for Christmas, so of course we were ecstatic when given the opportunity to partner with American Girl and tell you all about the new girl of the year Luciana.

We were so thrilled when we heard that Luciana encourages STEM and she’s an aspiring Astronaut. As black mom I am personally so excited when I see companies with diversity! Representation is so important to all brown girls and Luciana doesn’t disappoint. Elle loves reading the stories about all of her AG dolls. Each story is so unique and inspiring.

Luciana is just as stylish as Elle, from the purple streaks of hair to her cosmic dress and hologram doc marten inspired boots, as well as her cute choker and awesome fanny pack. I truly believe that Elle and Luciana are kindred spirits when it comes to style!

I asked Elle what was her favorite thing about her American Girls dolls and without a beat she said reading their stories and playing with them all day. Currently we live in a technology driven world where kids are glued to tv’s, iPads, video games and no longer being KIDS! I love that Elle still loves playing with her dolls for hours. Before Elle got her first AG doll at age 3, she played with her Aunties AG dolls. That’s when we knew she was ready.

Several dolls later she still has the same excitement she had 4 years ago. Be sure to check out all that American Girl has to offer, there is truly a doll for everyone. And cheers to Luciana the doll of the year! Elle is already plotting on getting the astronaut outfit.

Did you grow up with AG dolls? Do you buy them for your little one? If so share with us which dolls you have at home. Until next time….



7 thoughts on “Girls Run The World

  1. Great post. We have a couple of these AG dolls. The first was when she turned 5 and received as a gift for her birthday. Wellie Wishers Kendall doll was her first. My lil one loves it!


  2. My daughter is 26, and I still have her collections of American Girl Dolls. A great avenue to have teachable moments with your daughter about the time period the dolls represent and a great to learn about the different cultures after reading the books about each doll. I’ve always loved dolls as a girl growing up. I watched my daughter enjoy them, now I am enjoying watching my granddaughter enjoy the dolls, still carrying on the tradition. They are such classic dolls!!


  3. Wow.These dolls are so beautiful.After many days, I am very happy to see these dolls through your post.When I was young I like these American girl dolls a lot, now my little girl like these dolls very much…

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  4. It’s so nice. In the next month my baby’s birthday. I was very worried that what gift would I give him. But now I know that what I will give him. I think my children will be happy to get this American girl dolls.Thanks for your blog.

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