Sips Tea…. literally

Many of you know I’m NOT a coffee drinker, but I sure do love a good tea blend! Recently I’ve been indulging in Adagio Tea and not only have I been loving it but so have the kids!

I love that they offer a caffeine free blend so I got the Three Little Pigs blend and honestly, I’ve been really loving that blend as much as the kids.

I also tried the Gemini .. bc HELLO June 17th over here. It has a nice blend of white tea, rose hips with a peach flavor to top it off. So delicious!

In addition to these awesome flavors I got a Harry Potter blend which is so good, it’s a chocolate blend.

One of my favorite purchases has been my tea thermostat because it literally keeps my tea hot ALL DAY! It has an infuser attached so you can enjoy loose tea as well.

You can snag one here and it’s only $29! A totally win when you want to have a good cup of tea throughout the work day or while you’re on the go!

Be sure to check out Adaigo Teas they have so many blends you won’t be disappointed and they currently have an Easter special going as well!

Until next time…..

Happy Blending!


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