Homemade Naan Pizza

As many of you know, I’m not the biggest fan of cooking! But when you have 4 kids and a husband to feed you pretty much have to make it work. One of my kids favorite dishes besides pasta is PIZZA! So today we are sharing our favorite Naan Pizza.

Start off by preheating the overnight to 350 degrees . Ingredients include the following:

  • Garlic Naan Bread
  • Cheese
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic Salt

Add sauce to your liking on the bread, we recommend covering the entire bread and leaving about a inch sauce free for crust purposes

After adding your sauce, you want to add a little garlic salt for flavor. If you’re unable to find the garlic naan bread you can add more garlic salt or garlic powder for flavor.

Next up is CHEESE! Now this recipe can work for a vegan lifestyle as well. Simply add your favorite vegan cheese instead.

After the cheese is layered, proceed with your favorite toppings. In this case, Elle decided to use tomato, spinach, and mushrooms. Maveric and Jagger are happy with plan cheese pizza. I love letting the kids help with cooking because for some reason, when they help they eat more. Go figure…. Once you’re done with topping, place your pizzas in the oven for 16 mins.

If you prefer a crunchy crust, you can leave them in for an extra 4 mins.

Nothing beats a fresh pizza with fresh toppings! And I’m the words of Elle this helps us save money and it’s fun to make your own.

This concludes our Cooking with the Harrells segment, hopefully I can find the strength to come up with another fun recipe to share with you all!

Until next time…..



Fall Family Fashion

Even though I was born in the summer, FALL is one of my favorite season’s!  Thanks to our friends at Tea Collection the kids are ready for cooler days.  I really love dressing the kids in coordinating styles.


As we all know Elle is the fashionista of our crew, she has been dressing herself since age 3!  She has always loved clothes and especially shoes, my husband and I have are constantly encouraging Elle to express her style and be confident with herself.  How CUTEEEE is this cape Elle is wearing! I wish I could get one in my size.


Maveric is so care free and energetic, I love nice slim fitted pants for him and layers are key to success when dressing boys!


Since Jagger is in his independent TERRIFIC 2’s stage I love comfy athletic gear for him, because he’s either in mud, throwing rocks, tinkering or constantly running.


At this stage Axel’s role is to just be the hunky chunk of cuteness that he does so well, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my kid! Comfy sweats, a cute little sweatshirt paired with our favorite moccs are our go to this fall.  I just love being a mom to these 4, they are a ball of fun!


As for me, nothing beats a nice white tee, ripped denim, a cute duster and comfy block heel boots!  I absolutely love the florals in this cute duster from Pink Blush it’s the perfect mommy look that’s also functional when you have to chase after a VERY active two year old.


These are just a few of our staple looks for fall, besides boots what are your go to pieces?


Until next time….



Fiesta fiesta!

A few weeks ago I, as well as some local bloggers were invited to Tijuna Flats to try out their new street tacos so of course my plus one was none other than my baby girl Elle!  We were able to indulge in a 6, yes SIX course meal.  However, due to our dietary restrictions of no pork or beef, we opted for 3 out of the 5 tacos offered.  Here’s a look at the deliciousness we were given:

Crispy Baja Fish Crispy fish, chipotle crema, shaved cilantro cabbage & pineapple salsa.  This was actually Elle’s favorite!  She loved them so much we had then for her birthday meal of choice (Thursday June 22nd).


Jerk Chicken Crispy jerk chicken, MoreFire! hot sauce, shaved cilantro cabbage, pineapple salsa & cotija cheese.  My favorite by far, because I LOVE spicy foods and these have major kick!


Bangin’ Chicken® Tostadas Crispy corn tortillas with Smack My Ass Bangin’ Chicken® (our version of Buffalo), refried beans, cheddar-jack cheese, grilled onions & peppers, tomatoes & ranch dressing.  These were really good, and I am not a big bean fan but they were tasty! IMG_1563

The last 2  tacos that we didn’t try were:

Lime Steak Grilled garlic-lime steak, avocado crema, shaved cilantro cabbage, pico de gallo & cotija cheese.

Philly Cheesesteak Flautas Crispy wheat or flour tortillas stuffed with shaved sirloin steak, mozzarella cheese, grilled onions & peppers. Served with a large side of queso.


Overall we LOVED the experience and to top it off we had my favorite the cookie dough flautas.  OOOOO M G!!!! If you love warm cookies you will love this, trust me!


COOkie DOUGH FLaUtas “The Original” chocolate chip cookie dough loaded in a flour tortilla, lightly fried & topped with powdered sugar. Served with a side of chocolate syrup.  So there you have it, if you’re hungry then I suggest that you head over to Tijuana Flats and grab some of this goodness.  Oh and to top if off, they offer military discounts, so enjoy and until next time….



Let the Church say…..

Sunday I was on a mission to make it to church on time!  I haven’t been to church since having Axel so Saturday night I made up my mind that we were going to church in the morning.  I set my alarm clock so that I had enough time wake up, nurse Axel, do my hair, do Elle’s hair, get all 3 boys dressed, grab some breakfast on the go for the kiddos, hop in the car and make it to church ON TIME!  That was my goal Saturday night… fast forward to Sunday morning!

I woke up at 7:30 and drifted back to sleep some how then I woke up again at 9am, thanks to my back up “get yourself together so you can leave the house” alarm.  Church started at 10 and by the time I did everything I mentioned above it was 10:10.  Ummmm I’m not sure how that happened but I told the kid’s there was no point in going to church now because we would get there at 10:30 and that’s not cool.  But for some reason I decided to look on Instagram and there was my sign… Church didn’t start until 10:30!!!!!

Well needless to say Momma we MADE IT, on time and the kids enjoyed themselves.  See I almost gave up, but this time social media came through in our favor.  We even managed to have an impromptu photo sesh afterwards #winning. 18595415_10156050503858368_2679487757354792922_o

Well that was my Sunday summed up! How do you get your squad ready, out the door and on time?  Until next time…



Some how I managed to get 4 tiny humans dressed and out the door in 45 mins. Thankfully I took a shower at 1am to prepare. I was even able to throw on some nice clothes and a little make up, put my hair up in a universal mom bun and make it to Elle’s school before 8:15! Yessss cheers to another day of not being late {Inserts DAB}  I made it to Maveric’s preschool by 9 am for the Mothers Day Tea even though Jagger had at least 10 tantrums, this morning.  While trying to relax ( who am I kidding) the boys suddenly wanted to go outside and play.  I didn’t think anything of it so off we went to play at the preschools playground.  As the boys were play, I froze my bun s off  and young Axel woke up wanting to nurse ( saved by the baby) resulting to the biggest meltdown of the morning for Jagger.

With Jagger not speaking as he should he often gets frustrated with us because we have no clue as to what he wants or he breaks out into a tantrum or possible hitting.  No worries he’s starting speech therapy this month! Anyway back to the meltdown, picture me with Axel crying in the Moby wrap and Jagger having a full out tantrum on the floor this eventually lead to resulted to a mom stopping and asking “Do you need help?” I looked up and in that moment I wanted to shed a tear, because I get overwhelmed, and I felt helpless but she stopped to help me.  YES I do thanks you!!!! She picked Jagger up off the floor and walked us to the car making sure we were good.

Now I’m in the car, nursing Axel in front of Maveric’s preschool while the boys watch a movie.  How many times have you shook your head when you saw a toddler screaming or kicking? How many times have you judged a Mom without knowing her story? Have you ever just stopped and asked if she needs help?  Well here’s my story for the day and YES I needed help!

The next time you’re out and you see a mom in distress stop and ask her if she needs help! You never know what she’s going through

“Motherhood – it isn’t easy but it’s worth it! “

I’m Lovin’ it!

*The following is a sponsored post by Mc Donald’s, all opinions are my own*

Now that our household is full of boys, I try to make sure that I have Mommy/ Daughter time with Elle and it was perfect timing last week when we were invited to taste test the new signature crafted menu from Mc Donald’s. KOV-5472 We met up with a few bloggers from the Triad Women Blogger group in Greensboro.  This Mc Donald’s has a modern and chic layout and the staff was very helpful! KOV-5491

In three easy steps, I was able to order my meal.  I opted for the crispy chicken sandwich, on a toasted artisan roll with the Sweet BBQ sauce.  This normally comes with bacon but I had mine without since I haven’t eaten pork since 1999.  KOV-5488

To be quite honest, I haven’t had a Mc Donald’s meal in at least a year, but this was truly a treat.  The chicken was crispy, and the bun melts in your mouth, I loved the caramelized onions,  the white cheddar cheese and the bbq sauce to top it off..


Of course I had to get some fries and a Hi-C orange!  Can anyone please explain to me why they are getting rid of Hi-C orange, I mean who doesn’t love that drink?! Any who… I highly recommend you trying one of the 3 signature crafted meals.   Here are the details:

  1. You have 3 base items to choose from : grilled chicken, crispy chicken or a burger.
  2. Bun options include: the classic sesame, or an artisan roll.
  3. The main flavors are: Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon or Maple bacon Dijon Check out the options here .

IMG_8232Elle and I had fun, it’s always a good time hanging with my baby girl and introducing her to new experiences.  And whenever we have a chance to rock a mommy/ daughter outfit makes it even better!  We would like to thank Mc Donald’s again for letting us hang out and test out the new menu.  Be sure to let me know what meal you try and how you liked it.  Until next time…..




Book Share for 2017

As a mom, I am constantly encouraging my kids to READ READ READ! Mainly because I wasn’t encouraged to do so growing up, hence the reason I am not so passionate about reading on a regular.  I know that as parents we want our children to be better than us, but we have to live by example so I am making it a point to read more this year! Here’s a list of the 10 books I have on rotation, Enjoy ! Feel free to drop what you’re reading below, until next time…



Hanging with the Harrells!

Finally we have come to this…. The official blog for my growing family that will soon be Harrell Party of 6!  hi-resimage-058-4

For years I’ve been told the following:

  1. We love your family – Makes me feel weird yet loved all at once
  2. You make motherhood “look” easy – Hmmm do they know that I am far from perfect and sometimes….. no ALOT of times I am screaming like a mad referee ?
  3. You should start a blog about your family.

Well after years of procrastination I am here, motivated and ready to take on the blogging world.  I coined the term “Hanging with the Harrells” after being told our family should have a reality show, not like #KUWTK but you know a more relate able, wholesome type family.  I mean in my eyes we are a normal married couple in our 30’s with kids, trying to make it in this CRAZY world while keeping our marriage sacred and family filled with memories.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you can relate to something on this blog in one way or another.  Until then …..



The Honest Company


Hey Momtourage!

Last week I signed up for my very first Honest Company Subscription box.  So if you’re not familiar with the company, the honest company was founded by fellow mom and actress Jessica Alba.  She pretty much started this brand of chemical free, all natural products for your home, baby and self-care to make our homes safer!

So here’s what I got:

  • Hand Soap
  • Training Pants
  • Face and Body Lotion
  • Healing Balm
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Multi Surface Cleaner
  • Shampoo/ Body Wash

So far I have been able to use the multi surface cleaner, it works great. The pull ups are OK, for my youngest Jagger we can not use these during night time.  I love the patterns that they offer and the fact that they are chemical free.  The face and body lotion works well it’s not as thick as I would like but it serves it’s purpose.  The body wash smells really good and lathers well, its perfect for babies.  I will have to wait to use the healing balm once Axel arrives.  And I plan on using the laundry detergent early next month once the baby shower is over so that I can wash all of Axel’s clothing.  Until next blog….