Health is Wealth

*** This is NOT a sponsored post we just love it THAT much****

So many of you follow me on Instagram and if so you’ve seen our Instastory of me and the boys at the chiropractor. I have been getting lots of questions about why we go to the chiropractor so I decided to sum it all up right here! First off let me say we LOVE Twin City Health

As many of you know I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have been since age 17! Yesssssss S E V E N T E E N. I get adjustments to assist with the pain management of my RA. This was so needed when I was pregnant with Axel, because for some reason my RA took the worst toll on my body, to the point that I had to go out of work on short term disability.

When Jagger was about 9-11 months old he would have issues using with his bowels. I would try so many natural remedies including prune juice with warm water. Once he started getting his adjustments at Twin City Health he was as regular as any normal baby. I seriously could not believe it, if you know me you know how I am when it comes to proving stuff I need PROOF!

I have never really talked about this topic, maybe because I don’t want anyone to look at my child in any other way that the vibrate, engeretic little boy that he is, so only a select few close friends and family know that Maveric was suffering from Febrile Seizures since 18 months old. If you’re not familiar with the term, basically when Maveric gets sick/ congested his temperature would spike so fast that his body needed to break the fever so it would force him to have a seizure. Most children tend to “out grow” febrile seizures by age 5.

We started seeing Dr. Tom and his team at Twin City Health when Maveric was 3. During our process we went from almost 1 seizure every other month to 1 seizure every 6-8 months. Last year we ALMOST made it a year seizure free then Maveric had one at school in October. When we went to Twin City Health Dr. Tom took x-rays of Maveric’s spine and that helped him to really narrow down the location that needed to be adjusted with Maveric. I have noticed a huge improvement in Maveric’s decline in seizures and I truly look forward to the day that we are 100% seizure FREE!!!!!!

Axel has been going just for preventative reasons, one day I told Dr. J that he hadn’t had a BM in 3 days and she adjusted him and said ” ok be careful he should have one by the end of the day” and no lie he let out the biggest BM by the time we got home!

“Your spine is the lifeline for all of your body’s functions. The spine is a key element to healing as it protects your central nervous system”. All of the doctors at Twin City Health have truly been a dream to work with, we just love the entire atmosphere! If you’re looking to get healthy from the outside in, then you really need to check out our friends at Twin City Health. Tell them that #HWTH sent you. Trust me you will love the family environment and the wealth of information and classes. Cheers to a healthier 2018. Until next time…