Momtourage Monday: Peaceful Momma

1. How would you define Momtourage?

Momtourage is my peace. It’s a space of understanding and reassurance that everything you’re doing is just fine. I’m forever grateful for my tribe.

2. How do you balance Motherhood?

I’m honestly still learning Motherhood, being a full time mom, student, and business owner , I often have to step back and just simply put down my phone, or just put off my todo list until the next day. To me balancing motherhood is being able to be like water, and to know it’s okay to change your mind, and it’s totally okay to not complete all you desired. Balancing Motherhood is also letting go of the fear and guilt of taking a couple of hours to yourself. It’s easy to loose yourself in Motherhood, I just remind myself that I’m no good for anyone including myself pouring from an empty cup.

3. What are your Mommy must have items?

(I have a couple)

My mommy must have is a cup of Musa Moon Tea or Fruit Detox Water . Both give me that moment of relaxation and encouragement for the day.

My crystals whether it be in my Head Wrap or my jewelry. Grounding, Protection, Prosperity , Peace, Patience, and Love are all things I seek to obtain. Each stone I carry helps support and enhance the energy and power I already carry.

A journal : For the many downloads I receive a day, to release anything that maybe taking up unnecessary space, and for my several attempts of planning my week.

4. What is your Momtourage story?

My story of Motherhood is a journey of truth and understanding. Becoming a single mother when my Sun was about 7 months, was a true product of an energy I manifested. Growing up I would always say I NEVER wanted to be a single mom. I would have never imagined my life to be this way.

I went through ALL of the self inflicted pain of emotions- feeling embarrassed, ashamed, unworthy, insecure, and failure.

Present day I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m grateful for EVERY part of my journey. Without pain I wouldn’t have faced my fears, Without pain I wouldn’t have had the courage to truly walk in the path of my life’s purpose.

Today I walk with my head high, alongside of my Young King. During my healing process, I quit my job and started my own business. Today that leap of trusting self is still evolving.

Don’t be afraid to heal yourself.

I gave myself the permission to feel and the space to process my human experience. My journey required me to truly connect within to what I needed to be full and to be the Best Mom to MY standards to my Sun. Motherhood has taught me to NEVER compare myself to anyone. I may not have the Motherhood journey according to the American Dream, but I am happy, Musa is filled with joy and wants for nothing.

Motherhood has taught me to be open to new possibilities and ways of thinking. Motherhood is honestly what you make it. It’s not a race nor competition. It reminds me that there are no true guidelines in your success or happiness in your journey. Everyone’s experience is different, and that is totally okay.

You are Worthy

You are Loved

You are Powerful

Thank you so much Brea for sharing your story! As always we hope these stories encourage, or inspire other moms and moms to be!

Until next week….



Momtourage Monday- Super Mom of 6!

1. How would you define Momtourage? 

I would define Momtourage as your mommy support group. It doesn’t necessarily even mean that they have children. It’s your go-to squad of people that have helped you survive motherhood.

2. How do you balance Motherhood? 

 I balance motherhood by making sure I devote time to spending with my little ones, but I also have no problem saying I need a break. Usually, once a day, I find somewhere to go and just sit in silence. It’s necessary for my sanity. Once I get home I’m mentally able to handle everyone because they’re like Velcro. 

3. What is your Mommy must have item? 

My phone 

4. What is your Momtourage story? 

Whew…... So I am a separated mom of 6 boys ages 13,11,7,7,7&4 trying to get accustomed to my pending single status and have an amicable split from their dad. I want nothing more than for us to be the best co-parents we can be. 

 I was a school teacher and realized that I wasn’t passionate about it so now I am a Site Coordinator with Communities in Schools all while trying to rebuild my business—which is a drop-in child care center. 

 When people ask me how I do it…forget the career they’re usually just talking about having 6 boys—all I can say is take it one day at a time. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Make time for yourself, make time for your children.

Everything doesn’t cost money. A dance contest in the living room, a picnic in the park, a weekend slumber party in the living room or basement are things that create lasting memories and a ton of money isn’t  being spent. Quality time is key. I’m not perfect and I don’t want to be, but my children think I’m awesome!

Thank you April for sharing your story of Motherhood, as always I hope that these transparent stories will help someone and I hope you enjoyed it! Until next week.